My name is Iona Loyola. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and since 1985 I have lived in New York City where I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I worked as a weaver for over 10 years and after my first contact with the felting technique I felt in love with it.

Feltmaking is the oldest form of textile art and is the  process of manipulating wool fibers with water, soap and agitation to create a variety of objects and garments. I primarily work with natural fibers and my creations express my desire to help our environment. I am mostly self-taught but occasionally I participate in workshops with other experienced nationally and internationally artists and feltmakers. 

I was honored as an invitational instructor at the Congress of the Natural Colored Sheep in Porto Alegre, Expointer in Brazil 2009. In February 2011 I was invited to show my collection at The BEA art gallery in New York City.

I conducted workshops in various cities across Brazil as well as in my  own studio in New York City and I currently conduct individual and group workshops upon request.

I also participate in a variety of fine arts shows in the tri-state area.